Photo Gallery

Willow Place residents

Our new LaFollette apartment complex, Nevada Heights

Lonsdale Phase 2 homes

HomeSource staff receive several THDA awards

HomeSource staff wear Orange for Pat Summitt

Where it all starts! A new homeowner!

HomeOwnership class

Homeownership Center staff at a college fair

Ken Block meeting with architects

HomeSource staff at NeighborWorks day 2015

Chris Osborn with community leaders at NeighborWorks Community Leadership Institute in Louisville

Olando Community Leadership Institute

Jackie and Chis go to Orlando with several residents of Campbell County for the Neighborworks Community Leadership Institute.

Kansas City

Jackie Mayo with board members Kelsey Finch and Jackie Clay at the Achieving Excellence in Governance training in Kansas City.

Blueberry Ridge

The resident-maintained gardens at Blueberry Ridge in full bloom.

HomeOwnership Manager Taylor Hays with Mayor Rogero and a new homeowner in her LEED certified home.

Posted on September 30, 2013